You have made the decision to sell your home!  People sell for many reasons, whether to upsize or downsize or a job transfer, sometimes selling is just the logical next step.

There are so many factors to consider in selling your home.  A trusted real estate professional can take that stress away and guide you through the process.  But, it needs to be the right agent; one that is going to work with you to put your needs and wants first.

There are things to consider prior to putting your home on the market.  Here are the top 5:

  1. Get the home ready.  From decluttering to landscaping.  Think about how the home should look from a buyers eyes.
  2. Figure out an accurate market value.  This is not what you want out of it, but what homes have sold recently in the area.  Be realistic here.
  3. Write down ALL the home improvements.  Buyers will want to know the history of the home.  Include updated appliances, kitchen or bath improvements, flooring, new AC, roof or water heater.
  4. Understand the costs to selling your home.  This includes title fees, delinquent taxes or liens, approximate mortgage payoff, homeowner association fees or assessments, and real estate commissions.
  5. How to market your home.  Working with a professional realtor provides numerous benefits including providing a market analysis, effective advertising, advice on preparing your home, handling all negotiations and contracts, and ensures the best price for your home and ensures a successful transaction.